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  1. Demo is clean, the ban wasn't deserved for any kind of reasons. Unbanned. We are sorry for the non deserved ban. [Fastban] =============================================== [Fastban] You have been banned from this Server by Admin Dz kolira. [Fastban] Banned Nickname : wh1teey^ [Fastban] Date : 2024-04-02 17 : 39 : 27 [Fastban] SteamID : STEAM_0 : 0 : 419476168 | IP : [Fastban] Reason : e [Fastban] Your ban expires in : 1 Week [Fastban] You can complain about your ban @ www.dzair-gaming.com [Fastban] ===============================================
  2. After reviewing your demo, it seems that your ban wasn't deserved, anyways the ban duraction is already done. and about the wargods scan error, watch this video for more informations (Wargods Scan Tutorial & Error Solution). Already Unbanned.
  3. I already mentionned this morning that abusing the command ( !s ) isn't allowed for any kind of reasons. You won't be Unbanned, wait till the ban duraction ends. NOTE: If you keep spamming topics you will be banned from the forum, and if someone catch you again abusing !s for any reason, your punishment can be up to PERMA BAN, be careful ! Close the topic, False Report.
  4. yep it's a zombie escape server. currently @ m4m3tss is working on it, i don't know exactly what is he cooking, but i took a quick look of the idea, and it seems very interesting i can tell that it's gonna be one of the best zombie escapes, also thank you for the suggestion, trust me, m4m3tss will do his best to make it as good as possible so let's just support him 😛 #bigupm4
  5. Hi again, sorry for my late reply! your scan is clean, we are sorry about the non deserved punishment, we hope you accept our apologize. Unbanned.
  6. Hello! After reviewing your proof (demo), it seems that you aren't cheating, just in case to make sure that you have nothing to be worried about, i have one last request, which is a wargods scan, once you finish scanning, paste the link here or send it in dms. in case you don't know how to do a scan, watch this tutorial for more information: Scan Tutorial
  7. Since you got reported for that, you won't be Unbanned, punishment was deserved, abusing ( !s ) for any kind of reasons ( troll, fun, personal things...etc ) isn't allowed, you have to wait till the ban duraction ends. Next time don't troll anyone for any reason, be careful!
  8. sgs is obviously not allowed, this isn't zombie plague or hide and seek...etc, it's a classic fps game which contain a very simple gameplay as any other fps games, and sgs gives the player a very high bonus movment speed which makes it unfair for anyone else in the server, if any other staff catch you abusing it again, or you get reported by any player you will be perma banned and you won't have another chance, so be careful next time. Unbanned.
  9. Which cracked version of cs.16 do you play on?
  10. trust me, being a robot is much better than being a clown 🤡
  11. as @ Mr.HaritH , it's not worth it, capture the flag is a dead mod.



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