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  1. Your nickname: # wh1te. The Admin's nickname: menorah Description of the abuse: doin sgs manytimes and he knowns ts not allowed + also anti-map and he banned me for no-reason i run away from zm base to go afk when i come back i found that he banned me Proof: 1- https://www.mediafire.com/file/2gzi868e9lip83v/[DZG]Swarm-de_dust2_3x3.dem/file 2- https://www.mediafire.com/file/784cmayy7vyk3uw/[DZG]Swarm-de_dust.dem/file 2- https://www.mediafire.com/file/jb7qb7joyvc5hlg/[DZG]Swarm-de_dust2_2x2.dem/file
  2. see those https://imgur.com/jJWwZiC https://imgur.com/wclzZoo https://imgur.com/1a5R0vF nas tcampi nas tb3t f ip f chat w chhel mn whd yglo chof nero ycampi mydirlo wlw, ghir bch ttaked bli yslayi kima yheb,
  3. i didn't find the demo , i found demo after what happned its okey you can close the report, hwa ew 3blo ida na ghlt wla hwa edik heja twli lih ida ykdb eljl slay na hkit kfh srat l3fsa wta chuf m4m3tss ida t9bl report wla trefusé
  4. mtghtich hedi b hedi , mkntch f base knt f mid then zdmo ct temak bdlt blasa rht mn mid l ts spawn l tunel w knt rayh l B , w mkntch f base ki slayit knt nmchi rayh l B w without any warn w gdh m whd ydir hek mdirloch slay tsma mtghtich hedi b hedi na reportit wkhli owner ychuf report. i wanna add something, edi screen t3 whd akhr ki ken f same place w same time w b c4 mdrloch slay : https://imgur.com/ve6S69w
  5. You nick: Na`Vi W H I T E /A/ aka' scara Admin/Staff nick: erra Reasons: abusing with his adm rights , slay for camping w map b9alo 0:30 sec w knt ryh l B Screenshot or demo: https://imgur.com/TKC1rZ8 Time: 08/17/2023



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