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  1. My bro demo : https://www.mediafire.com/file/1ouqv2wauywjiwe/DzG_Dust2.dem/file
  2. Name In-Game ex0rmity , m0dyyy Ban Details My lil bro m0dyyy he's old on the server w bzf players 3lblhm bly khoya sghir 9tl w7d wla idk mn wall so this admin called yuzu he or she banned him perm without scan or something raho sghyr my3rfch l scan lhado swalh dakhel yl3b brk w ky gtlo bly raho khoya nd he's not hacker galy i don't care w ky dabzt m3ah b3dma ghadny l7al 3la my bro darly ban ana tani perm like wtf? lmhm whatever haho scan nt3 my bro ghyr bch nbynlo chhel raho kid w ma5lo3 xd Proof of complaint https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2901927 Comment
  3. @ m4m3tss 3jbni models ly drthm l default weapons fel server but kayn b3dhm 3yanyn w mch jayn m3a lgame or u can say bugged i made a full good weapon pack with all weapons on the list ( a cso pack weapons ) i hope y3jbkm w nchofo fel server :3 Link of the pack ( rar file ) : https://www.mediafire.com/file/3uhtwvt8o7vz6xy/CSO+WEAPONS+FOR+CS+1.6+DZG+ZE+SERVER.rar/file
  4. sm3t bly new zombie escape srv rah jay i hope ykon cso mod w ykon fyh cso zombie classes like zombie rage , witch , demos , fire mommy , fat zombie ...etc 7ta extra items ykono classic cso weapons like rail canon w ak paladin , m4 darkkinght sa7a s7orkom <3
  5. The goal of each team is to capture the enemy flag while defending their own because in order to capture the enemy flag, you must bring it to your base and your flag must be there. Enemy flags are stolen and team flags are returned by a simple touch. Typical CTF gameplay
  6. 3ndo 3ndo na w7d mnhm xd kayn bzf servers nt3o malf nl3b fyhm w kayn ly yl3bo ltem tanyy bzf
  7. chraykm nft7o new server ndyro fyh mod gungame chbab bzff
  8. where's the maps this srv is forgotten we need maps like (inferno - nuke - aztec) with vote menu and rtv
  9. kayn zombie the hero ? wyn raho give me the id !
  10. hada rayy berk w ntoma adra GG #DZG <8
  11. and weapons lokan nkhlywhm cso mod berk current weapons rahm mkhl6yn fyhm cso weapons like balrog w dual mp7 and moreee ( mlah ) bsh tany m3ahm weapons mn csgo w cod like wtf xdd i think n7yw had w weapons w nkhlywhm cso khyr and this some cso weapons ida thbo tzydohom :



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