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  1. where's the maps this srv is forgotten we need maps like (inferno - nuke - aztec) with vote menu and rtv
  2. kayn zombie the hero ? wyn raho give me the id !
  3. hada rayy berk w ntoma adra GG #DZG <8
  4. and weapons lokan nkhlywhm cso mod berk current weapons rahm mkhl6yn fyhm cso weapons like balrog w dual mp7 and moreee ( mlah ) bsh tany m3ahm weapons mn csgo w cod like wtf xdd i think n7yw had w weapons w nkhlywhm cso khyr and this some cso weapons ida thbo tzydohom :
  5. good server bsh y7taj bzf khdma i think lokan khlynah cso mod khyr ya3ny zombie classes w weapons ykono nt3 cso left 4 dead zombie classes 3yanyn and weapons rahm m5l6yn tanyy CSO ZOMBIE CLASSES :
  6. re-add the previous vip skins vips need skins
  7. In-game Nickname: ex0rmity SteamID: STEAM_0:1:624948730 Joined us in our social media?: yes Tag you want: KingVamp
  8. ูŽAnd what is the solution ?
  9. In-game name: ex0rmity Server: Dzair FFa Public Steam ID: .. Ban Reason: None Date of the ban: 07/23/2023 Admin that banned you: .. Details , Proof : what is this , i can't join server screenshot :
  10. kbyr fel age w sghyr fe 3a9lk dok nchofo staffs wsh ydyro ana 5last hadrty m3ak
  11. ytsma tslayna w tgagyna w lazm nkhafok w nrespectok ? sahby chkon nta bch n5afok huh ! nkhafo raby mch les admin fhmt a7trem rohk gbl wb3dha a6lb el respect mkch ly galk gsr m3na w dyrlna slay had chy mch tgsar hada wsmo abuse w break lel rules nt3 el server + sma6a wsh tstna mna nglolk !! ohh mrc 3la slay haha mod7yk tgsr m3ana hihi bruhh mch tb9a tsm6 wb3dha ky ysbok tbda tz3f w tgol mkch respect :))



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