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  1. agree india y3yy ky ykon mlyan srv asln hwa mlih ky ykon 5v5 kyma haka
  2. ye dust 2 mlih bsh ghyr hwa 24/7 is boring :(( i think mn mosta7sen nrj3o lmaps fel server kyma mn gbel , kan l3b bzf fun nrj3lo inferno,nuke,india m3a l auto map vote on the end of the round i rly love playing inferno on saharat ramadan sa7a ftorkom <8
  3. 9ryt gbel ma rdyt nta ly mch mfhm rohk hadawyn bch glt server performance + like i said khlina njrbo wba3dha n7kmo sa7a ftork :))
  4. bro get an new pc nta pc nt3k ly bad kamel rana nl3bo fog 100fps wchwi skins mra7ch tny7y lfps + kayen 3fsa wsmha test njmo ndyrohom wida 6le3 problem ne7ywhm ez tsma mtb9ach t7kem ghyr mn rask whna ls3 madrnach l mode asln
  5. don't worry mr7ch yn9so fps :)) rahm fixed nd its a classic menu with an classic skins so yeah
  6. @ sPe3doN. bruh had topic nsawh kamel can u do something about this :)))
  7. bruhhhh malgyt mangol chikor a9smbillah >>
  8. na7y 1 w 3 ybanyo 3yanyn chwi xd hka ykono 6 knifes
  9. chryakm ndyro knife menu ? fikra chaba bzff and ra7 tkon fun rany wjdt list of knifes [fyha 8 knifes] jayn classic w mlah fyhm l v_model w p_model bsh plugin m3ndich so ida tnjmo t7wso ntm 3al plugin wdyro fyh had models Link nt3 models : https://www.mediafire.com/file/dk2zsci9jd1s9om/Models_For_KnifeMenu.rar/file sa7a ftorkm <8
  10. hya mliha lokan ndyrlo bsh t5af tjy bug kyma ly 9ablo
  11. ihh n39lha , bsh kant fyha bug myndak ljomla nt3 dzair gaming tlgaha mch tban mlih fe ba3d el amaken so tbaly bch na7yw tkasr ras nrj3o l7y6 la7mer wsayy jay classic w mlih



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