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Found 8 results

  1. You nick: RobinhooD Admin/Staff nick: DowN X Reasons: banned me without demo or Scan, he asked me for a scan at the same time he banned me, he didn't even wait for me to scan ? why this is happening!! Screenshot or demo: https://prnt.sc/xSdrq4ErQs7l Time: 04/12/2023
  2. You nick: Yo Admin/Staff nick: Crimson Reasons: tr e to spec with out reason Screenshot or demo: Hi i join to sv and stay in spec after i join to ct team and after the bomb planting i went to site to defuse suddenly this admin tr me to spec and take one player join in my place Time: 03/20/2023
  3. where not Ban Request stupid like hacking KynnneR you didn't know How to Record Cheaters / Hackers - Ban Request - N3Community How to get the SteamID/ValveID of Cheaters/Hackers. - Ban Request - N3Community l'm development by Nomer3 Forum
  4. In-game name: KonTwaR Ta3 AlfiNaT Server: Dzair FFa Public Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1650980239 Ban Reason: None Date of the ban: 12/04/2022 Admin that banned you: idk who Details , Proof : banned me with no reason ktb fl reason kicked
  5. In-game name: T O X Server: Dzair FFa Public Steam ID: STEAM_1 : 0 : 92825121 Ban Reason: Cheating Date of the ban: 10/31/2022 Admin that banned you: DAT.exe Details , Proof : I don't know how to send
  6. I think we need a rule about the Nickname , there's a player ith trash name ( Insults ect... ) and we have a commands " amx_nick " , if he don't want to change his name what shloud we do ? Thanks #Dzeeko_Sàrokha | SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH |
  7. Name: Crimson! Suggestion: amx_last Other words: we can't catch Cheaters on the server because we can't know there IPadress only just Owners can see from Logs.file
  8. I see a lot of players they work strafing, sgs also on fps, but if that's the issue then the owner can limit the server to 100fps max and that would be fair. sv_airaccelerion is 10. This way no one will be able to do anything. no sgs,and speed parachute kyn bzf player endhmm fps tala3 bzf w ki tbda round ywsl endk blkhof w hka nos player ykrho dir fps max 100 bach ykono ga3 player kif kif



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