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  1. by the way nice English for developer
  2. there u go ^^ https://dzair-gaming.com/application/form/4-report-admin/
  3. the demo that i ask for is in map : dust2 before the map ends the one that you give me : playing time : 1min 10sec be careful next time im watching you *-* UNBANNED
  4. don't spam they will answers you in old request
  5. skins haylin lidarthom new ta3 vip khalihom nrmlment ga3 3jbohom 😛
  6. msbh w ana ntfrj nhws 3la asmi ida 9tltni hata l9ith f tali ta3 video hhhhhh wp ❤️
  7. ta3 tero chwiya mlih ta3 ct lirah f server khir mnh xd
  8. next time thdr m3aya f cs b 3fsa 3ayana godam players dik hadra nji ndirhalk f real life ^^
  9. You nick: KyNNNNéR Admin/Staff nick: admin called "Agent pénia" Reasons: insulting in public Screenshot or demo: [HUD] Agent Pénia : yawedi roh taati roh [HUD] Agent Pénia : matnsach dirha f froum https://i.imgur.com/DMWJuFa.png Time: 11/16/2022



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