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solved Report Admin - pohuva

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  • You nick:
    ` S A S A !!
  • Admin/Staff nick:
  • Reasons:
    9a3d ytay7 w ykhasr fl hadra m3A le players w ki dartlo gag dar ungag l ro7o w darli gag!! w ana ma7bitch nahdar m3Ah w 9A3d y9oli sasa w ana manhdarch w 9ali ahdar **** < aty7li b yma
  • Screenshot or demo:
    https://ibb.co/FzKXrBL /https://ibb.co/C09FRCH /https://ibb.co/hsYwZ3d
  • Time:
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@ lotfisasa

i said some bad words no body accuse me for that only you, you start crying when you notice insult

you're wrong proofs about me, you didn't mention why i gagged you in second proof and i was chilling with that boy in third proof you should provide a strong evidience

i kept watching your bad behaviours you don't play just spec players to use your amxmodmenu and ban and gag players

you cant ban cs donaters like that easily

only owner can deal with cs donaters 


what can i say you made write all this shit

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hahaha bro got 2 reports in short time you 're bad admin 

don't use amxmodmenu even players are insulting 

7ana dziria ya zbi hdrtna tya7a bro only if you're gay and faggot 

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Admin @ Pohuva  has been warned 

Topic closed

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