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Suggestions For Server , MultiJumps For Admin's


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this mod , is >>>>

n7tajoh fel srv wlh

ra7 y3awn el admin

wzid ra7 y5li player's interested bch tkon admin

ra7 ykhli el admin ykon unique player fel server

bel new abilities nt3o 

mod mr7ch y5ser l3b

wla ydir bugs w lag fel srv 

so why not , let's add some new thing's to our server

Link's :


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Slm .. Exormity 2 jumps haja mli7a ll admin mais ; rah ydir diffrence beyn les players wli admins wywliw ykrho server mala wygolk admin is noob whadik lhdari lazm nkono kif kif wahed maho khir mn lokher wthanit ida derna mod zombie plague rah ndiro 2 jumps ll admin :) et merci <3

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rani m3ak younes admin lazem matkonech ando aventage fel game 3la players 

Had lmod chbab bezaf ta3 2 jumb bs7 ida zednah nzidouh lel players kamel mch ghir les admins 

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fi deathmatch rah deja kyn adrob tala 


 fel ffa lokan ghir m3a lil wla rani m3ak blk mb3d nchof m3a coder

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  • 1 month later...

it's not necessary multi jump for admins...

Reason Why Because The Server it's just started about mounths ago it's to early for that plugin!


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