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unbanned Unban request - ok


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    Dzair FFa Public
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    Before i add some Proofs, i just wanted to say first of all hi Dzair Community i wish everyone in good Day.
    I don't Really need an Unban, i just wanted to show you guy how some "Admins" In this community kinda unfair, so basically i've joined the Server and i got almost over 500 FPS, and i have good Skills in Sgs,Gs,Bhop And more Stuff about Strafes.
    So some people Noticed me, and started saying Hacker,Cheater bla bla bla, and actually they have the right to complain i was so fast.
    Anyways one of the Good admins, noticed me and Spected me, his name is -RiMz , Rimz if you see that i appreciate your amazing job, so this admin Treated me and good way, he switched me into Spec team, and asked for Scan, he also got the right to ask i did not say anything, so some other Admin probably got annoyed from me and they waiting for 1 mistake to ban me.

    So what happened i was really Shocked i killed 5 People in row, i was really really in Shocked all i said just "Hoooolllllllyyy" that's all and Bom i got Banned.

    I'll guys upload all the demo here and you can watch the whole Demo or you can see at the end of the demo : 
    *** If "Holy" is Really bad word in this Community you guys have my Apologize, i'm Really Sorry i didn't mean to Disrespect anyone.
    Again i don't really need to get unbanned, i can wait for 1 Hours, but i just wanna say that's "Unfair" And Thank You have a nice day everyone.
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Guys Sorry i Uploaded the Wrong Demo, Just 1 min i'll search of the right one, can some one gimme name of it ?

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I was not on server, but no worries everything is recorded here on Dzair gaming.

@ RIMZ  asked you for scan, and you did scan , your scan is clean image.thumb.png.3d53a4113d6643e89100307e8ec37e34.png

for ban, you got banned for no reason, i checked chats.

Sorry for that.

Unbanned.  CLOSED.


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