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  1. @ kak plz can you check this one, i did comply to the orders, and i got banned for no reason. he must learn not taking action fast. Edit : admin ExiT was in the server and saw the incident.
  2. So this Admin banned me after 10 seconds of asking for scan, you can check the logs @ kak he asked me for scan then after 10 seconds he banned me. my scan was ready : - https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2613413 ban information :- [DzG-Bans] ============================================= = [DzG-Bans] You have been banned from this server by DowN X. [DzG-Bans] Duration: for 1 day [DzG-Bans] Expires in: 1 day [DzG-Bans] Reason: Cheater [DzG-Bans] Ban link: dzair-gaming.com/amxbans/ban_list.php?bid=279 [DzG-Bans] Nick: AMB| RobinhooD [DzG-Bans] SteamID: STEAM_0:1:160343188 [DzG-Bans] IP: [DzG-Bans] Request unban: www.Dzair-Gaming.com [DzG-Bans] ============================================= =
  3. You nick: RobinhooD Admin/Staff nick: DowN X Reasons: banned me without demo or Scan, he asked me for a scan at the same time he banned me, he didn't even wait for me to scan ? why this is happening!! Screenshot or demo: https://prnt.sc/xSdrq4ErQs7l Time: 04/12/2023
  4. you're mistaken nothing personal for me, all i want is that he stop using his power on us for no reason. if he stay or he get removed it's not my buisness.
  5. lol ? what do you mean there's full demo drafted ? what about you check the demos ?
  6. hey Rimzz, the logs shows everything better, he keeps gagging and kicking for literally nothing.
  7. looks like this guy will not stop, i joined again now and he gagged me for no reason. https://imgur.com/akyCUts https://imgur.com/JwSAUU4
  8. i'm kicked again for no reason, now. what is wrong with this guy. https://imgur.com/7z4lZRx
  9. @ m4m3tss @ med @ kak because of this report we're getting kicked from the server for no reason, by admin "cordinate". you can check the logs at 5:37 and 5:36 , when i join he kick me from the server. and here's the video for it and the full demo :- https://www.mediafire.com/file/tgy1t5wc1pqwuxn/Demo_DzairGamingcom_Public_VIP_1.dem/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/6tfikznalbwkl9g/Half_Life_2023.04.08_-_16.40.34.08.DVR.mp4/file
  10. the demos are uploaded, you can see them bro, and point out "the something" plz with all respect.
  11. Thank You for the Reply Mr.Cordinate.. i'm AMB| RobinhooD , i'm a member in the clan. i've viewed all the Demos, they are nothing, i can't understand why would you ban clean players for this. we play this game since 2006, most of us have 10k hours plus on the game. i can confirm that, all the clan members are clean. our clan only accepts the extremely professional players. @ kak @ m4m3tss this admin with all respect is targeting our clan members, can you have a talk to him. he banned our members without asking for a scan, and you can see that this demo is nothing, every pro players would play the same.



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