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  1. i dont have dude check the wargod scan it doesnt show nothing , i re installed cs from steam and it fresh no configs no nothing man
  2. Name In-Game Kids See Ghosts Ban Details i joined ffa server and get unbannned direct no info about ban Proof of complaint https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2890934 Comment i know old scan founded dlls and shit , it was because i downloaded a lot of cfgs before but , this scan i did it right when i joined the server and got banned and it show no cheat detected i even re checked my steam files no dlls or any cfg ( just my own )
  3. Name In-Game m0NESY火影 Ban Details ASKED TO SCAN IN AAUTOMIX SERVER FOR NO REASONS , i LEFT SERVER TO DOWNLOAND AND SCAN ( didnt know u can stay in server for 10min or idk to give a scan ) Steam # STEAM_0:0:456698842 Proof of complaint https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2878782 Comment WARGOD SAID FOUND BIG CFG Comments on that : i use f0rest cfg and neo that all and i switch sens cuz they used diff sens , and i have some nvidia settings for better cs 1.6 game play
  4. yeah was my bad for insulting i was mad a bit, about the scan u didnt give me it i suspected u for not being clean so was my reason for asking scan , my apologize
  5. In-game name: Demon1 Server: Automix Server Steam ID: STEAM_0 : 0 : 456698842 Ban Reason: Insult Date of the ban: 12/10/2024 Admin that banned you: testplayer. Details , Proof : i just typed ta mére , i didnt mean i have some anger issue Details , Proof : i just typed ta mére , i didnt mean i have some anger issue



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