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MVP ( Most Valuable Player Of the Round )


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Description :
This script can detect the best killer or the planter ( if the bomb exploded ) or the defuser ( if the planted bomb is defused ), also it allows players to choose one of tracks uploaded by server owners ( Tracks can be for Privileged Users ( VIPs ) / Normal Players )
After the event is detected, it is showing a message in CHAT/ HUD / DHUD to all conected players.
Also, this script is supporting reHLDS's ReAPI, you can uncomment line 4 #define USE_REAPI to use ReAPI instead of HamSandwich and some events.
Servers using this script: Click Here
AmxModX 1.8.2+
Hamsandwich module
ReAPI Module ( reHLDS Needed )
Download the archive from down below.
Compile most_valuable_player.sma using a local compiler or a web compiler which supports custom includes.
Put most_valuable_player.amxx in amxmodx/plugins folder
Go to amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini, open the file and write on the last line most_valuable_player.amxx.
Open MVPTracks.ini
Insert your database credentials ( optional )
Add your custom tracks ( optional )
Restart your server or change the map.




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This Plugin for CSGO Servers (addons) Bruh No Need for that...

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