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unbanned Unban request - KiNg-PiNg


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  • In-game name:
  • Server:
    Dzair FFa Public
  • Steam ID:
  • Ban Reason:
  • Date of the ban:
  • Admin that banned you:
    automatically by the server
  • Details , Proof :
    i didn't do any cheat, just i have a brother (KiNg-PiNg) who sometimes plays with my cs steam account in his laptop he has a linux os and i (R00sTeR) have a laptop with windows os, so we both play with the same account in different times of course, and the server detected that i have been changing my steam id which i'm not doing that ! so when i try to connect to the server it pop out this message : Kicked :"[Invader-Community] Steam ID Changer By OStrog
Edited by R00sTeR
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Bro, u have to stop using ID changer. or when u brother or u try to connect , please Restart ROUTER/MODEM to get new IP.


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    You don't have permission to chat.
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