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There is many AFK manager on here, most of them are outdated, buggy or not complete.
This plugin aim to fix that problem.

The check method is based on the usage of buttons and can be complemented by a method based on aim.

This plugin features:
A Management for alive AFK client and AFK client in appearance select menu based on switch to spectators (or based on kick if this feature is disabled) ;
A Kick management for AFK spectators (or for all players if spectator switch management is disabled) ;
The ability to kick clients in spectators only if the server is full ;
A bomb management based on bomb transfer to the nearest non-AFK terrorist or a forced drop of the bomb ;
Optional admin immunities for all the previous features ;
A global HUD message sent to alive players of a team if all the opposing team is AFK.

Installation top
1. You only need ONE of the 2 plugin version provided here :
Running on amxmodx 1.8.2 the default plugin, afk_manager_1-8-2.
To use this version, you will need to compile it locally.
You will first need to download colorchat.inc provided below and put it in addons/amxmodx/scripting/include.
Then you will need to download afk_manager_1-8-2.sma and put it in addons/amxmodx/scripting and do the compile process.

Running on amxmodx 1.8.3 git 5029 or higher, the enhanced version, afk_manager_1-8-3.
To use this version, you will need to compile it locally with an 1.8.3 compiler.
The colorchat.inc include is NOT required because colored messages are included by default in amxmodx 1.8.3.
You will need to download afk_manager_1-8-3.sma and put it in addons/amxmodx/scripting and do the compile process.
This version will automatically create a cvar config file in addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins that is an user friendly way to configure the plugin. Also, this version bring some improvements that directly come from amxmodx 1.8.3.
2. Install your chosen afk_manager.amxx in addons/amxmodx/plugins
3. In your plugins.ini file, add afk_manager_1-8-X.amxx where you want
4. Put afk_manager.txt in addons/amxmodx/data/lang

Installation Files top
Attached Files
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (afk_manager_1-8-2.sma - 4450 views - 21.0 KB)
File Type: inc colorchat.inc (4.9 KB, 1544 views)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (afk_manager_1-8-3.sma - 4255 views - 21.8 KB)
File Type: txt afk_manager.txt (13.0 KB, 2674 views)


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The Plugin It's already add on the server AFK automatically Slayed By Time...

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