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Dzair Public Server Updates "logs"


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Notes, updates of Dzair Plublic Server will be posted here.

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  • Auto Demo Recorder Added
  • Anti IDsteam changer Added 
  • Points System Removed
  • Paid VIP system Added  ( Free VIP for all players from 10 PM to 10 AM ).
  • VIP Skins Added 

ALL BANS REMOVED. no ban in banlist. 

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  • 2 months later...

New Bansystem Added

commands :

add_ban & add_unban  (Only when player is disconnected)

if connected ban from menu

example :


0 = Permanent, 1 = 1min,  5 = 5min,  30 = 30min, 60 = 1 hour,  1440 = 1day,  10080= 1week

add_ban "playername" "steamid" "ip" "time" "reason"

add_ban "12123" "STEAM_0:1:xxxxx" "IP" "30" "test"

add_unban "playername" "steamid" "ip"

add_unban "12123" "STEAM_0:1:xxxxx" "IP"

Note: IP  can be changed so u can just write random numbers 

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New Admins commands

Amx_nick <nick> <new nick>

amx_ip <nick> -  show you player informations (nick/steamID/address IP/country)

amx_who -  show you current players list with name & steamID & userID & access flags
amx_last -  show you  players list for who left the server with name & steamID & address IP & access flags

PS: use this commands in console





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Server updates.

1- Anti Camp Zones Added for Terrorists. (walkguard). 

2- Auto gag/mute for insult or ads. Added

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  • kak changed the title to Dzair Public Server Updates "logs"

Admin Menu has been Improved new features added

  1. Player nick changer.
  2. amx_last (last disconnected players).
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