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How To SGS and GStrafe in Cs 1.6


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So you need to type commands in console: fps_modem 250 developer 1 sv_airaccelerate

When you have that, then go to keyboard settings and put: Mouse wheel up to jump Mouse wheel down to duck When you have all that then you can start gstrafing. The first thing you need to do is just to scroll your mouse down, when u have train a bit then you can press ctrl, what i mean about that, you must first scroll down and then press ctrl and your character will do a weird duck thing.

When you have learnt all that, then you can start moving right or left So how to move right or left. It is really simple, when you turn don'w hold "W" it will effect the turning and will not turn as well as it should. So when you strafe, don't hold "W" then you will see the difference, it is the same about bhop.

I hope this helped and good luck!

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