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some suggestions


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i've just joined the server today and i gotta say, the server is nice but i was wondering if you could add "best player of the round" plugin to the server

link : https://alienmodders.blogspot.com/2016/09/plugin-best-player-of-round-cs16.html
it shows you which played killed more people that round and with how many headshots.
i was also wondering if you ever wanted to get more servers with other mods like jb, zm plague, zm escape ... etc or you only want to have public and automix, i think having another 1 or 2 servers will actually bring more players with different interests to the community since not all players enjoy playing the normal cs 1.6, and if u need any help with the plugins or the mods you can msg me because i had a zm plague serve myself. 

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first of all welcome to dzair gaming community 

thanks for joining us 🙂 

for me its a good idea , already posted by @ Rahim  , i'll take the idea and try to improve it maybe "MVP" something like is usefull too.

About other servers/mods soon, get ready for it just invite your friends 🤩




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Thank you for sharing your ideas.


After all, we already love the idea of  MVP plugin

about adding other servers, that's on the way, share our forum with your friends and take places ! 😄



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