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1. Stand tall:

On one side, you have this couch potato guy who looks like he cannot stand straight, isn’t confident enough to stand tall, and prefers to stay in the background. He appears tiny and this makes him feel more secure. He doesn’t want to be seen or judged. He isn’t really confident in the way people perceive him.

On the other side, you have this strong and confident man who isn’t ashamed of who he is, doesn’t hesitate to stand tall, and isn’t afraid to get onstage. He’s comfortable with who he is and is confident in how people perceive him.

Which one of these guys you think appears more manly?

Put aside every other trait that might differentiate them, the second one for sure.

When you stand tall, you project more power and confidence.

But wait, there’s more…

Stranding tall will not only make you look more masculine and confident, it will also make you feel more masculine and confident. Immediately.

Why is that?

Because your posture has a direct impact on your testosterone levels.

how to be more manly and confidentThe taller you stand, the more secure and powerful your body feels, which leads it to produce more testosterone.

And as you probably know, your masculinity is closely tied to your testosterone levels.

The higher your T-levels, the more masculine you feel (and the more masculine you look overtime).

So, stand tall:

Raise your chin
Put your shoulders back
Pump up your chest
Let’s now move to the second tip that will instantly make you more manly:

2. Take up space:

Occupying space will make you look more powerful.

If you’ve been wondering how to be more masculine physically without packing on a lot of muscle, this tip is for you.

Between the guy who is afraid to take up some space, keeps his legs and arms tightly crossed, and prefers to appear the smallest as possible…

…and the guy who doesn’t hesitate to take up space by adopting a wide stance and letting his chest and arms expand…

…who do you think is going to appear more masculine? Who do you think is going to feel more powerful?

If we take a look at how animals behave, the alpha male—usually the one who is the most masculine—is always the one who takes the most space.

He knows he’s the boss and feels free to make himself comfortable.

He also wants to let others know it, and therefore makes sure to take as much space as he can in order to display his dominance.

In the same way as what we saw above with the first tip, occupying space will not only make you appear more masculine, it will also make you feel more masculine.

Taking up space will lead your body to produce more testosterone, which is going to make you feel more manly and powerful, which in turn is going to make you naturally take up more space. It’s a virtuous circle.

So, if you can, take up space.

It isn’t about intruding into others’ intimate space, but about feeling free to occupy space whenever you have the possibility to do so.

3. Look people in the eyes:

Have you ever talked to someone who had shifty eyes?


And to someone who looked you deep in the eyes when talking to you?

Probably as well.

What difference did it make in the way you perceived this person?

Right: the person who kept looking away didn’t seem very confident. They didn’t seem to believe in what they were telling you. They didn’t look strong or powerful. Quite the contrary in fact.

And conversely, the person who looked you deep in the eyes when talking to you seemed quite confident. They seemed quite strong and powerful, even intimidating.

want to be more masculineWhen it comes to becoming more masculine, the way you use your gaze can make or break your perceived masculinity.

It is crucial that when you say something to someone, you look them deep in the eyes.

Not only it will give more impact to what you say, but it will also make you look more powerful and dominant.

Same thing when you’re in a confrontation with someone: if you’re the one who looks away (or worse, looks down), you’ll send the message that you are submissive.

So make sure to look at people in the eyes.

You can look away from time to time when your interlocutor is speaking, but when you’re the one talking make sure to plunge your eyes into theirs.

4. Speak slower:

You have probably noticed in movies or interviews that typical alpha men usually take the time to deliver their words.

They are not in a rush when they speak.

They know they’re going to be listened to and thus they feel comfortable speaking slowly.

You can feel their dominant character in the way they talk.

Conversely, weak beta males who are used to being interrupted when they speak make sure to deliver their words as fast as possible.

As a result, they appear nervous. You can feel some stress in their voice.

It even leads them to stutter.

You can tell they are not in control.

You can tell they feel insecure.

It makes them look fragile and feminine. Quite the contrary of what you want to look like.

So, take your time when you speak. Deliver your words with a calm and low voice. With poise.

Talking slower will not only make you appear much stronger in a confrontation, but it will also allow you to attract women much more easily (check out this article on attraction).

If you’re not sure whether you talk too fast, you probably talk too fast.

What I recommend you to do is discretely record yourself speaking (for example, during your conversations with friends) and see for yourself. Such a recording can reveal things you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

5. Stop being so reactive:

How to be more masculine and confident?

Don’t react to everything you notice.

Don’t react to each and every perturbation in your environment.

Picture this:

Jordan is a good looking guy, but he often appears nervous because he is always reacting to everything:

When he hears his name, he immediately turns his head around to see you called him.

When the girl he’s talking to says something interesting, he immediately answers in an over-invested tone.

When the waiter brings him the menu in a café or a restaurant, in a fraction of a second, he sits up straighter, like he wasn’t really in control of his body.

His facial expression keeps changing constantly as he receives different signals from his environment.

And it goes on and on.

In short, he is too reactive, like a feedback loop whose sensors are too sensitive.

It makes him look nervous, shaky and unstable. He looks like a weak beta male.

The strong, masculine man, on the other hand, isn’t that sensitive.

He is tougher.

how to be more masculine man
He doesn’t react to everything he notices or to every change in his environment.

When he reacts to something, he does it consciously, not nervously.

So, if your sensors are too sensitive, make sure to fix this in order to be more stable.

Instead of focusing too much on your surroundings, get back in your body and focus on yourself: your breathing, your sensations, and so forth.

If you’ve been wondering how to have more masculine mannerisms, this will help you a lot.

The same goes with your emotions:

If you can’t control your emotions—or if you can’t control how you react to your emotions—you won’t appear very masculine.

Instead, you’ll appear weak. You’ll appear feminine.

Like all those guys who get hysterical when something goes wrong or when they hear something they don’t like.

So make sure to control your emotions, and in the cases you find it hard to do so, make sure you do not act upon them.

Don’t be a slave to your emotions.

6. Relax your facial muscles:

If your face is tense, you’ll appear…tense.

And if your face is relaxed, you’ll appear relaxed.

People can tell a lot about your mental state and your solidity just by looking at your face.

If you clench your jaw and open your eyes wide or frown, you’ll appear tense or in panic.

You’ll be perceived as a guy who is not in control of the situation, as helpless or astounded.

That isn’t to say that you should never have a tense facial expression: it will naturally happen when you’re in a fight or during some other kind of confrontation. But outside of scenarios like these, you should remain serene.

Because if your face is tense, it means that your level of stress is rather high, like in a fight, and that you’re losing your temper.

Strong and powerful masculine men don’t let themselves be thrown off that easily.

They are stable.

You can’t move them like this. They’re like a rock.

So relax your face. Not only it will make you appear more solid, but it will also make you feel more serene. You’ll feel more in control.

7. Lead:

Masculine men have the ability to lead. They can take things in hand when needed.

They are not like those weak guys who are constantly being passive, who don’t do anything but follow or aren’t able to act by themselves.

Masculine men have the balls and the energy to grab the bull by the horns and take action when the situation requires it, be it to lead their group of friends, to lead a girl they want to bed, or simply to lead themselves out of a tricky situation.

Quite the opposite of the weak beta male who just waits for things to happen.

But that’s not all…

Not only the masculine man takes action and lead when the situation requires it, but he also acts by himself.

He doesn’t constantly follow the herd like a sheep.

He takes the initiative.

He can go his own way when needed.

If you’ve been wondering how to be more masculine in a relationship, this advice will help you a lot.

8. Stand up for yourself:

Between the man who never tells people off and the man who sets limits, which one do you think is more masculine?

Right: the one who sets limits. The one who doesn’t tolerate everything and who stands up for himself.

Masculine men aren’t afraid to speak their mind when they feel the need to, even if it might lead to a conflict.

The masculine man is ready for conflict.

He doesn’t necessarily seek it, but he knows that it sometimes can’t be avoided.

Quite the opposite of those weak guys who constantly make sure to avoid conflict, even if it means renouncing their values and principles.

When you stand up for yourself, you gain respect. You won’t necessarily please others, but you’ll appear strong and masculine.

being more masculine
Masculine men take side.

Taking a side means making yourself an enemy of some people whose interests are different than yours.

If you want to weigh in, there’s no way around.

9. Talk louder:

Masculine men aren’t afraid to speak up.

They aren’t ashamed of their voice.

They aren’t ashamed of being heard.

They project their voice so that people can hear them.

They are confident in what they have to say.

Not like those insecure guys who are ashamed to raise their voice or whose vocal chords are too weak to produce any significant sound.

When the level of your voice is high enough, your message can be delivered. It also has more impact thanks to the energy you give it.

By talking loud enough, you appear powerful, like a conqueror and a leader.

Talking louder will also make you feel less inhibited.

It will send the following signal to your body: “I feel safe, it’s okay, I’m the boss here.”

And as a result, it will get you to feel more powerful and confident by removing some inhibitions.

Now, I’m not telling you to raise your voice to a point where you burst people’s eardrums.

If you’re like most guys, you should talk just a little bit louder than usual. Just enough so that you give the impression of talking a bit too loud (that’s usually how you can find the perfect volume).

10. Dress like a man:

If you dress like a kid or a girl, you’ll obviously appear much less masculine.

Conversely, if you dress like a man, you’ll be perceived as such.

Pay attention to how you are dressed at the moment:

Does it make you look like a teenager or a kid?

Does it make you look like a bum?

Does it make you look like a nerd who isn’t quite sure of how he should dress?

Or, on the contrary, does it make you look like an important guy?

Or like a brutal and manly guy?

Your clothing can make or break the first impression you give people, so make sure to dress properly.

This isn’t to say that you should become a fashion victim; far from it. Just that you should wear some masculine clothes.

Look at James Bond, for instance. His style is intemporal, simple and effective.

Build up a masculine wardrobe with quality clothes you can wear for years, and that’s it.

11. Make a habit of acting in the presence of fear:

Masculine men don’t let fear paralyze them. They act in spite of fear.

They know that fear is part of the game and that it will always be there.

They feel fear and act anyway.

Not like all those timid guys who take action only when they feel safe and unthreatened, those guys who take action only when there’s no tension, only when it’s easy.

By getting into the habit of taking action in stressful situations, masculine men build up their courage. Because courage is acting in spite of fear.

And the more they act while being afraid, the less afraid they are over time, and the more they can take action in frightening situations.

They acquire a taste for risk.

This not only makes them appear more masculine in the eyes of others, it also makes them feel more powerful.

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This was so much fun and useful to read! It is even helpful to those who are masculine.

Next when you copy something please past it on a document or like in google translator then past it here so it can't be white squared all the way.

I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing!

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Just now, m4m3tss said:

This was so much fun and useful to read! It is even helpful to those who are masculine.

Next when you copy something please past it on a document or like in google translator then past it here so it can't be white squared all the way.

I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing!

glad to hear that! ❤️


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