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rejected Admin Request - abdo dz jijel - Dzair FFA

abdo dz jijel

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  • Server:
    Dzair FFA
  • Real name:
  • Nickname-ingame:
    abdo dz jijel
  • Country:
  • Age:
  • SteamID:
  • How many hours can you play every day?
    Lyom kaml
  • Have you been admin before?
  • Why You want to be an admin?
    Because i will help players, and gag who insult server, god, etc, w n3awn server, w fiha khir nchallah
Edited by abdo dz jijel
Ghlt flktiba
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@ abdo dz jijel  lzm trigli problem ta3k wla deber cs steam , rules hado homa " gsclient / steam ". 

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@ kak ya kho ghir 3awni bhada, yaw afhmni kho pc ta3i khra windows 7 2 ram 32 bit, asln mdoli lwl free cs steam,installitha w mbghtach tmchi,pc ytfa w7do,cs steam  w hadi gcclient mysl7och 3ndi, rani 3ndi cs eng kima steam, n9dr nhdr b arab etc, ghir 3awni b hada kho yer7m waldik

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3awd windows ta3k wla chof winrah problem smahli frr mais mkch kifah lzm steam wla csgclient hado homa rules.

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18 minutes ago, abdo dz jijel said:

@ kak ya wdi brka l79ra, haw irhaby machi steam w macho gsclient, w rak drto admin

7ogra? lol rah admin prsq kan admin 9bel mandiro rules ta3 GSclient mais sahit fakrtni 🙂

ou 3la request ta3k mon frr fahmtek nta rak ghal9 mokhek.  Ki tjib Gsclient wla steam 3awd dir application.

Rejected No Gsclient. 

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