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  1. @ kak @ ex0rmity ni 5demt 2 hado w tbali khier men li rah f srv. first one: ss: sprite: wall1.spr ======================================================================================================= second one ss: sprite: wall.spr
  2. sPe3doN.

    Bhop Tutorial

    replace jump button to mouse scroll wheel (bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump") to be easier and faster while you jump
  3. Description: simple knife menu plugin Commands: say /knife say_team /knife Screenshots: Code + models: plugin+models.rar
  4. plugin is ready ss: plugin & models: plugin+models.rar
  5. Plugin ez n9der n5dmo f 5mn, bs7 tbali 8 skins bezaf
  6. Hahaha ni ngser brk, mnytk ndrlk ban 3la jal react XD
  7. Malgré le skin ta3k 3iyanin chwi mais testahl tkoun moderator, good luck
  8. @ ex0rmity rak td7ek ? next permanent ban 🤬
  9. Description: simple plugin with a command that helps admins to request WCD from a player. Commands: say /scan say_team /scan Cvars: wcd_disconnect_ban "1" wcd_minim_access_flag "d" wcd_ban_time "1" (time in minutes) wcd_time_for_drop_scan "1" (time in seconds, 600 = 10 minutes) Screenshots: new scan menu Player who got scan request by admin his screen 'll blacked out with countdown. Server 'll automatically ban the player if he did not drop his scan. /wcd informations Code: [ scan.sma || scan.amxx ] Html: [ wcdinfo.html || wcdinfo.txt ]
  10. @ kossovic STOP SPAMMING staff team already replied to you on your previous thread
  11. @ kak already replied to you on your previous thread, stop making new threads.



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