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  1. @ kak rk 3rfni jms drt hja ghlta f server mes wlh la frht ki daroli report psq knt n3ti khouya yl3b cs w mknch elbly bli rh ydkhl fi hda server snn smholi ga3 li ghlt m3hm mknch elbly
  2. @ Rahim ena elh golt 100 fps max bach ywlo ga3 players kif kif w sgs ki dirha dirha nrml machy ki tbda round kima whd endh 500 fps tbda round ywsl endkkk
  3. n3tik rayi khali server kima hak w mdirch classic psq player mrhch yzido yl3bo +ana tany mnhbch server classic w kima tbghyy
  4. I see a lot of players they work strafing, sgs also on fps, but if that's the issue then the owner can limit the server to 100fps max and that would be fair. sv_airaccelerion is 10. This way no one will be able to do anything. no sgs,and speed parachute kyn bzf player endhmm fps tala3 bzf w ki tbda round ywsl endk blkhof w hka nos player ykrho dir fps max 100 bach ykono ga3 player kif kif
  5. 9otlk ch3al mlkhtra t3tini scan mreponditch aprés drtlk ban bach ychof owner demo ta3k
  6. Server: Dzair FFA Real name: Abdeldjalil Nickname-ingame: Mr.Spicy Country: algeria-oran Age: 18 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82974688 How many hours can you play every day? 4-5 Have you been admin before? Yes Why You want to be an admin? I love responsibilit and i want to help in the server and be A Good Admin for the players



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