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  1. Your opinion on wargods is irrelevant to me. It is a tool we use as assistance in detecting cheaters in this community. Therefore, if you want to play on these servers, you should make sure whatever you install beyond default installation does not trigger a red scan. I don't have the time to micro manage each case with teamviewer etc.
  2. Ingame I suggested u remove the skins that show up as "cheat skins" on wg. You, refused, so I banned you. Given your previous scans i'd say its not the only things u have had installed. Scan history
  3. u are the furthest from apaapa anyone has ever been
  4. In-game name: b'a'st Server: Dzair FFa Public Steam ID: steam_0:1:1842222 Ban Reason: Cheating Date of the ban: 08/10/2023 Admin that banned you: danone Details , Proof : Doesnt seem like server has autorecord. Took a wgtest before banned. Honestly I don't know what cheat I'm accused of having. https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2698427



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